Basement remodeling

Most important part of basement remodeling is moisture issues must be fully and permanently eliminated. You’ll have to make sure the foundation is in good shape and waterproof.

It is important to include plenty of lighting when you are doing basement remodeling. Ideally you should include as much natural lighting as possible. Try to use natural light as much as possible. If possible put in windows in knee walls to increase natural lighting. If there is a walkout side to the cellar, consider including French doors or slider to let in more natural light. With proper lighting, you can enhance your living space in the basement, as well as providing enough light for any work spaces. Just keep in mind what your downstairs will be used for, and plan your lighting accordingly when you are doing basement remodeling. If your cellar is partially above ground, consider adding new windows, or enlarging existing windows.      If necessary, you can dig some window wells to allow light into the rooms, just be sure to use window wells with waterproof covers. This is also a good time to make sure the insides of the window wells are painted white, or covered in a reflective material, to reflect more light into the basement. In addition to natural lighting, it is important to provide sufficient electrical lighting.Better living by design at Find great accessories and gifts from Alessi, Blomus, Chilewich and more! I highly recommend using a generous amount of can lights to maximize the lighting in the finished area.

A basement remodeling is a great way to increase the living space in your home. It is also one of the most affordable solutions on a cost per square foot basis. This is where you can go hog wild. Anything you want is an option in a large space. Basement remodeling are ideal for creating recreation rooms, man caves, wet bars, home theatres, bedrooms, home gyms and even bathrooms. If you doing basement remodeling you could also paint the areas different colors to create division and make the spaces feel cozier. If you use the space regularly for entertaining, as a guest room, or a children’s play room, consider adding a bathroom. This will keep you and your guests from running up the stairs every time they need to use the facilities.

When doing your basement remodeling plans make sure you can develop a separate room, or rooms for hiding off this equipment from the rest of the area. The spaces downstairs is frequently used for housing, utility rooms that have hot water tanks, and other mechanical equipment for the home.During basement remodeling make sure you have wide doorways to allow large mechanical fixtures to be removed and installed from there. In addition, you may need to add an air intake pipe into the furnace system if the utility room is too small.

The wide open space of most basements tends to intimidate homeowners who are considering a gaming room decorating is a good time because you can get a little silly with it. It’s good to do some decorating to give the room some character and make it fun. A basement remodeling is a place where nothing seems out of place as long as it comes with a smile. The old beat up couch that just doesn’t belong in the living room now has a home. So does the neon sign that doesn’t work anymore, but you’re reluctant to throw away.    


Did you know that the rear bumper of your first car becomes a decoration if you mount it on a wall? Seriously, anything goes.

      When it comes to actual games, the full size pool table is a must. If you’ve always wanted a pinball or arcade game, a vintage one can be purchased in full working order starting at a few hundred bucks. The options are truly endless when it comes to basement remodeling open space.